Los Hermanos - Radioshow #2

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 2: 
In a Latin Mood



Los Hermanos - Radioshow #1

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 1: 
for the indian summer 
under a full moon


Mardi Soir Sessions Vol VI
Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle - Los Hermanos Brothers

Here a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/52um8xwx8vdo8lm/Rumble%20in%20the%20Jungle.mp3

Tracklist: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.6):
“Rumble in the Jungle”

1. The Mills Brothers - Congo fever (jungle fever)
2. Artie Shaw - Dr Livingstone, I presume 
3. Edgar Hayes & his orchestra - Old King Cole 
4. Duke Ellington - Black beauty
5. Joe Venutti - Heatwave 
6. Charles Lavere & his Chicagoans - Ubangi man
7. Leon Rene's Orchestra - I'm Mr African 
8. Clarence Williams & his orchestra - Jungle Crawl 
9. Marlene Dietrich - Hot Voodoo 
10. Machito - Nague
11. Erskine Hawkins - Satan does the Rhumba
12. Art Blakey - Sacrifice 
13. Horace Silver - message from Kenya 
14. Machito - Kenya 
15. Yma Sumac - Jungla 
16. Joe "Fingers" Carr - Istanbul
17. Duke Ellington - The Mooche
18. Cyril Diaz & his orchestra - Voodoo 

During his Cotton Club days Ellington developed his "Jungle Style", a popular musical innovation of the 1920s. When the trumpet player Bubber Miley joined Ellington's band, he brought with him his unique plunger mute style of playing. This "growling" came to be called the "Jungle Sound", and it was largely responsible for Ellington's early success... Carried away by the compelling profoundness of the swing jazz impressions of jungle sounds, we find ourself flowing down the Congo River to the abysmal depths of its hidden origins, then braving the dangers of unpenetrable Amazon Rainforest, looking for lost treasures, hidden deep in the jungle.