Mardi Soir Sessions volume I - The Paris Connection

The Mardi Soir sessions are a monthly rendez-vous presenting a one hour long musical journey. They go by themes, each times presenting a different area of the wide spectrum that defines the  musical habitat of Los Hermanos Brothers. Sometimes they come with a story, sometimes they don't...but by the end of day it's all about ... The Music.

So for those of you that skipped the intro here's the first episode:

The Paris Connection - Los Hermanos Brothers:
The Paris Connection by Los Hermanos Brothers

here's a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ob6ad433g7l10ro

TRACKLIST: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.1):
“The Paris Connection”

1.    Serge Gainsbourg – Du jazz dans le ravin
2.    Barney Wilen – Swing39
3.    Horace Silver – Cape Verdean Blues
4.    Blue Mitchel – Hi-heel Sneakers
5.    Charles Lloyd – Sombrero Sam
6.    Duke Ellington / Coleman Hawkins – Limbo Jazz
7.    Louis Armstrong – I'm crazy 'bout my baby
8.    Billie Holiday – What a little moonlight can do
9.    Benny Goodman & his Orchestra – Sing, sing, sing
10.    Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – Night in Tunisia
11.    Dizzie Gillespie – Mas que nada
12.    Norman Connors ft. Freddie Hubbard - Samba for Maria 

A group of fugitive bank robbers takes refuge in a youth reform center, holding the management hostage. At first, the pupils are impressed by the gangster's bravoure, but finally their solidarity towards the management prevails and they succeed in rendering the criminals up to the police. Directed by Hervé Bromberger in 1959, this combination of social drama and genuine French polar entitled « Loups dans la bergerie », was Gainsbourg's first opportunity to write a music score for a film as well as his first attempt at composing jazz. The late Serge Gainsbourg made a name for himself fairly early in his recording career with his combination of French cabaret, drunken bordello music and extravagant exotica. The compositions he made for « Loups dans la bergerie » however, can undeniably be labelled cool jazz, though they are rarely given time to develop and feature no major soloists. Most of these songs, such as angoisse,  black march,  fugue or wake me at five can be found on the 20-track collection Du Jazz Dans le Ravin which samples Gainsbourg's early work from between 1958 and 1964. Gainsbourg's jazz sides clearly presage his future work and offer much of the same attitude and outlook which defined his later, more provocative music.