Los Hermanos - Radioshow #16

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 16:
Xmas Special

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-16-25122011/


Mardi Soir Sessions Vol IX
Nothin' but the vibes

Nothin' but the vibes - Los Hermanos Brothers

Tracklist: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.9):
“Nothin' but the vibes”

1. red norvo - more then ever
2. dizzy gilespie - tin tin deo
3. lionel hampton/gene krupa/teddy wilson - airmail special
4. lionel hampton - whoa baby
5. milt jackson - statement
6. cal tjader - Afro Blue
7. herbie mann - todos locos

8. cal tjader - Mamblues
9. bobby montez - african fantasy
10. mulatu - askum
11. coco lagos y sus orates- coco's descarga
12. bobby pauneto - aqui voy yo
13. andre tanker - swahili
14. lennie hibert - soul dance
15. mulatu - Mascaram Setaba
16. barry adamson - the vibes ain't nothing but the vibes

Ring them (jingle) bells !
The chrystal sound of falling snow flakes...
Here are Los Hermanos Brothers' seasonal greetings
with vibes, good vibes, all kind of vibes, nothin' but the vibes !



Los Hermanos - Radioshow #15

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 15:
Peanuts, Bananas & Coconuts

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-15-18122011/

Los Hermanos - Radioshow #14

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 14:
Lucho Bermudez - Chicha - Boogaloo

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-14-11122011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #13

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 13:
From Harry to Victor (dj set FmBrussel outside)
link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-13-04122011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #12

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 12: 
Brasil II
link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-12-27112011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow#11

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 11: 
Black Power
with Pierre Deruisseau "Astro Black Mythologie"

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-11-20112011/


Mardi Soir Sessions Vol VIII
Who's Bop, anyway?

Who's Bop, anyway? - Los Hermanos Brothers

Tracklist: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.8):
“Who's Bop, anyway?”

1.Thelonious Monk (at the fivespot) - I'm just a gigolo
2. Andre Previn Trio - Improvisation 1

3. Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald - Take the A-train
4. Art Pepper +11 - Groovin' High
5. Miles Davis - The Serpent's tooth
6. Bird & Diz - Bloomdido
7. Kenny Clarke & his 52nd street boys - Oop-Bop Sh-Bam

8. Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - Now's the Time
9. Dizzy Gillespie & his Orchestra - Oop-pop-a-da
10. The Art blakey Quintet - Night in Tunisia

11. John Coltrane - Locomotion
12. Wilbur Ware - Latin Quarters
13. J.J. Johnson - Old devil Moon
14. Blue Mitchell - Fungi Mama

How bebop was born at Minton's Playhouse: « During the time in the forties when it was operating, we used to go up there and jam ... After the last show we'd go to Minton's and sit in or listen to the guys play. It seemed like the music would sound better at that time of the morning. They didn't have nothing better to do but to go to bed. They didn't have to make no shows or be between shows. The job was over. » says Dizzy Gillespie's autobiography.

Los Hermanos - Radioshow#10

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 10: 

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-10-13112011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #9

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 9: 

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-9-06112011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #8

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 8: 

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-8-30102011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #7

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 7: 

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-7-23102011/


Mardi Soir Sessions Vol VII
Secrets of the Fez

Secrets of the Fez - Los Hermanos Brothers

Tracklist: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.7):
“Secrets of the Fez”

1. Dawn on the desert - John Kirby & his orch.
2. Caravan - Barnet Bigard & his Jazzopators
3. Istanbul - The four lads
4. Egyptian phantasy - sydney Bechet
5. Asia Minor - Machito
6. Mambo Buda - Tito Puente
7. Mustapha - Bob Azzam
8. Have Naguila - Lionel Hampton
9. Blues Oriental - Canonball Aderley & Milt Jackson
10. Night in Tunisia - Miles Davis
11. The oud & the pussycat - Herbie Mann
12. Oriental Mood - Saleh Ragab
13. Cairo Bazaar - Les Baxter
14. Nana - Wilson Simonal
16. Où tu vas - Think of one
17. Caravan - The Sunlights
18. Blue Pepper - Duke Ellington
19. Ciudad del Swing - Flowering Inferno
20. Vic Fin - Egyptian Reggae

an overcrowded souk
« Where are we? »
a strong smell of kif
everything turns black

dawn in the desert
the sun rises higher and higher
a departing caravan
on a camel and of we go

Los Hermanos - Radioshow #6

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 6: 

link: http://www.mixcloud.com/los_hermanos_brothers/los-hermanos-radioshow-6-16102011/


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #5

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 5: 


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #4

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 4: 
Calypso & more


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #3

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 3: 
Clarinet special


Los Hermanos - Radioshow #2

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 2: 
In a Latin Mood



Los Hermanos - Radioshow #1

"Los Hermanos" a radioshow by Los Hermanos Brothers & Elye

Episode 1: 
for the indian summer 
under a full moon


Mardi Soir Sessions Vol VI
Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle - Los Hermanos Brothers

Here a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/52um8xwx8vdo8lm/Rumble%20in%20the%20Jungle.mp3

Tracklist: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.6):
“Rumble in the Jungle”

1. The Mills Brothers - Congo fever (jungle fever)
2. Artie Shaw - Dr Livingstone, I presume 
3. Edgar Hayes & his orchestra - Old King Cole 
4. Duke Ellington - Black beauty
5. Joe Venutti - Heatwave 
6. Charles Lavere & his Chicagoans - Ubangi man
7. Leon Rene's Orchestra - I'm Mr African 
8. Clarence Williams & his orchestra - Jungle Crawl 
9. Marlene Dietrich - Hot Voodoo 
10. Machito - Nague
11. Erskine Hawkins - Satan does the Rhumba
12. Art Blakey - Sacrifice 
13. Horace Silver - message from Kenya 
14. Machito - Kenya 
15. Yma Sumac - Jungla 
16. Joe "Fingers" Carr - Istanbul
17. Duke Ellington - The Mooche
18. Cyril Diaz & his orchestra - Voodoo 

During his Cotton Club days Ellington developed his "Jungle Style", a popular musical innovation of the 1920s. When the trumpet player Bubber Miley joined Ellington's band, he brought with him his unique plunger mute style of playing. This "growling" came to be called the "Jungle Sound", and it was largely responsible for Ellington's early success... Carried away by the compelling profoundness of the swing jazz impressions of jungle sounds, we find ourself flowing down the Congo River to the abysmal depths of its hidden origins, then braving the dangers of unpenetrable Amazon Rainforest, looking for lost treasures, hidden deep in the jungle.


Mardi Soir Sessions volume V
Cool by the Pool

Cool by the Pool - Los Hermanos Brothers

here's a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pe6dx4spn96zh2g/Cool%20by%20the%20pool.mp3

TRACKLIST: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.5):
“Cool by the Pool”

1. Chet Baker - You'd be so nice to come home to
2. Lee Konitz meets Jimmy Giuffre - uncharted
3. Art Pepper - Las cuevas de Mario
4. Paul Desmond & Gerry Muligan - Out of nowhere
5. Dave Brubeck - Blue rondo a la Turque
6. Shorty Rogers - That's what I'm talking about
7. Stan Getz - I want to be happy
8. Art pepper (+11) - walking shoes
9. Shelly Manne - Grasshopper
10. Art Pepper & Chet Baker - For minors only
11. Doris Day - Keep cool, fool


Mardi Soir Sessions volume IV
Stirin' the Hotpot

Stirin' the Hotpot - Los Hermanos Brothers:

TRACKLIST: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.4):
“Stirrin' the Hotpot”

1. Mills Brothers - Diga, Diga Doo
2. Fats Waller - Mamacita
3. Count Basie - Topsy
4. Artie Shaw - Grabtown Grapple
5. Bob Zurke's Delta Rhyhm Band - Rhumboogie
6. Harry James & His Orch. - Back Beat Boogie
7. Jimmy Dorsey & His Orch. ft. Louis Armstrong - Swing That Music
8. Fletcher Henderson & His Orch. - Big John's Special
9. Woody Herman & His Orch. - (At The) Woodchopper's Ball
10. Mugsy Spanier - Big Butter & Egg Man
11. Mel Torme - It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
12. Woody Herman & His Orch. - Woodsheddina With Woody
13. Benny Goodman & His Orch. - Sing, Sing, Sing
14. Artie Shaw - Traffic Jam
15. Ray Bauduc & Bob Haggart - Big Noise From Winnetka
16. Hot Lips Page Orchestra - Harlem Rhumbain' The Blues
17. Tommy Dorsey - Sheik Of Araby
18. Andy Kirk - Cuban Boogie Woogie
19. The Benny Goodman Quartet - Runnin' Wild
20. Lionel Hampton - Ring Dem Bells
21. The Benny Goodman Quartet - I've Got A Heartful Of Music
22. Count Basie - Skol Sister
23. Harry James - Woo-Woo
24. Duke Ellington - Castle Rock

Charleston, Foxtrot, Jitterbug, Rumba, Lindy Hop, Congeroo or Suzy Q ... This month's session takes you to the bal. From the very origins of Harlem's dance halls to Benny Goodman's Carnegie Hall concert, we try to imagine just how hot New York's night life must have been swingin' in those days. All the tracks on this compilation were selected in order of the extend in which they remind us of those other « tracks », those left by dancers' shoes on the wooden floor of a ball room, after a night of frenzy. So dust of your tuxedo, iron your nylon dress ... and get ready to jump and jive, because Los Hermanos' « Stririn' the Hotpot » is home to the happy feet.



Mardi Soir Sessions volume III
The South American Way

The South American Way - Los Hermanos Brothers:

here's a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/spfaw3xyyhv4yhh/The%20South%20American%20Way.mp3

TRACKLIST: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.3):
“The South Amercian Way”

1. Carmen Miranda - South American way
2. Gerry Mulligan - La carioca
3. Mildred Bailey & Red Norvo - The weekend of a secretary
4. Machito & his Afro Cuban Salseros - Un poquito de tu amor
5. Lolita Garrido - Bote Hawanna
6. The Lion with orchestral accopaniment - Trinidad, the land of Calypso
7. The Duke of Iron - Kockeemoonga
8. Roaring Lion - Carnival long ago
9. Nora Dean - Must get a man
10. Jacki Mittoo - Voodoo Moon
11. Allen Toussaint - Tequila
12. Los papacitos - jazzy
13. Compay Quinto - El cumbanchero
14. Billy May's Rico Mambo Orch - Hernando's hideway
15. Perez Prado - Mambo nr. 5
16. Danza Latina - Ran Kan Kan 
17. Lucho Bermudez y su orchestra - Fiesta de negritos
18. Mitchi Sarmiento y sus bravos - Hong Kong
19. Fruko y sus Tesos - Salsa Na Ma
20. Lucho Bermudez - Gaita de las flores
21. La Sonora Cienaguera - La Piojosa
22. Lucy Gonzalez antolin y su combo orense - La ley poderosa 

Point of departure for this musical journey is Hollywood, paying tribute to Carmen Miranda, considered to be the precursor of Brazil's Tropicalismo, with her version of 'South American Way'. Carmen Miranda was a Portuguese-born Brazilian samba singer, Broadway actress and Hollywood film star popular in the 1940s and 1950s. She was, by some accounts, the highest-earning woman in the United States and noted for her signature fruit hat outfit she wore in the 1943 movie 'The Gang's All Here'. 


Mardi Soir Sessions volume II - Midnights at Moody's

Midnight at Moody's - Los Hermanos Brothers:

here's a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rfcv3538i6vlo75/Midnight%20at%20Moody%27s.mp3

TRACKLIST: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.2):
“Midnight at Moody's”

1. Cootie William / Duke Ellington – Concerto for Cootie
2. Gene Krupa – How high the moon
3. Fats Waller – I'm gonna sit right down
4. Coleman Hawkins – Body & Soul
5. Billie Holiday – That ole devil called love
6. Ben Webster – Making whoopee
7. Ella Fitzgerald / The Mills brothers – Dedicated to you
8. Jimmie Lunceford – Organ grinder swing
9. Louis Armstrong – I can't give you anything but love
10. Bix Beiderbecke / Frank Trumbauer – Singin' the blues
11. Benny Goodman & his orchestra – A smooth one
12. Artie Shaw – Summit ridge drive
13. Jimmie Lunceford & his orchestra – Margie
14. Benny Goodman & his orchestra – Love me or leave me
15. Lena Horne – You do something to me
16. Benny Goodman – After you've gone
17. Artie Shaw – Scuttlebutt
18. Duke Ellington & his orchestra – Sump'n 'bout rythm

« Moody's » would be the very last late-night hang-out with a bar still selling in one or the other anonymous north-american metropolis struck by economic crisis and prohibition. The kind of place musicians would meet at after their gigs. The way we imagine it, some of the greatest jazz figures of that era would meet there in the most casual of manners, and if the mood was right, they would end up playing their tunes to one another.

We like to imagine how things could have happened if the mood got all blue and sentimental one drafty autumn night, just how it might have sounded if all of them played and sang their most beautifull ballad, straight from the heart, and suddenly, everything became deeply meaningful, down there, at that particular place, at that particular time, 'round midnight.


Mardi Soir Sessions volume I - The Paris Connection

The Mardi Soir sessions are a monthly rendez-vous presenting a one hour long musical journey. They go by themes, each times presenting a different area of the wide spectrum that defines the  musical habitat of Los Hermanos Brothers. Sometimes they come with a story, sometimes they don't...but by the end of day it's all about ... The Music.

So for those of you that skipped the intro here's the first episode:

The Paris Connection - Los Hermanos Brothers:
The Paris Connection by Los Hermanos Brothers

here's a link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ob6ad433g7l10ro

TRACKLIST: Mardi Soir Sessions (Vol.1):
“The Paris Connection”

1.    Serge Gainsbourg – Du jazz dans le ravin
2.    Barney Wilen – Swing39
3.    Horace Silver – Cape Verdean Blues
4.    Blue Mitchel – Hi-heel Sneakers
5.    Charles Lloyd – Sombrero Sam
6.    Duke Ellington / Coleman Hawkins – Limbo Jazz
7.    Louis Armstrong – I'm crazy 'bout my baby
8.    Billie Holiday – What a little moonlight can do
9.    Benny Goodman & his Orchestra – Sing, sing, sing
10.    Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – Night in Tunisia
11.    Dizzie Gillespie – Mas que nada
12.    Norman Connors ft. Freddie Hubbard - Samba for Maria 

A group of fugitive bank robbers takes refuge in a youth reform center, holding the management hostage. At first, the pupils are impressed by the gangster's bravoure, but finally their solidarity towards the management prevails and they succeed in rendering the criminals up to the police. Directed by Hervé Bromberger in 1959, this combination of social drama and genuine French polar entitled « Loups dans la bergerie », was Gainsbourg's first opportunity to write a music score for a film as well as his first attempt at composing jazz. The late Serge Gainsbourg made a name for himself fairly early in his recording career with his combination of French cabaret, drunken bordello music and extravagant exotica. The compositions he made for « Loups dans la bergerie » however, can undeniably be labelled cool jazz, though they are rarely given time to develop and feature no major soloists. Most of these songs, such as angoisse,  black march,  fugue or wake me at five can be found on the 20-track collection Du Jazz Dans le Ravin which samples Gainsbourg's early work from between 1958 and 1964. Gainsbourg's jazz sides clearly presage his future work and offer much of the same attitude and outlook which defined his later, more provocative music.